For Over 10 Years, We’ve Specialized In Extensive Kitchen Hood Cleanings.

We specialize in hood cleaning services, which are certified in accordance with NFPA 96 (United States) fire codes. The hood is cleaned out completely, getting rid of any soot or grime that built up on the inside after intense usage.

It’s one of your main sources of ventilation and keeping it dirty may disrupt the airflow.

Kitchen hoods are constantly stuffed with smoke from the cooking, which leaves behind soot.

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The Importance of Clean Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen hoods are very important, especially in busy kitchens. Smoke can build up very quickly, even if nothing burns throughout the entire service. The closest source of ventilation to the burners are the kitchen hoods. Without them, you risk smoking up the whole room and stonewalling your service.

Over time, a lot of soot and grime can build up inside the kitchen hood, as well as on its surface from the outside. This can create unsanitary working conditions for the kitchen staff and potentially create health hazards for your customers if some of that dirt gets onto the food below.

A thorough hood cleaning should get your kitchen functioning properly for a long time, with smoke leaving the premises safely and efficiently, as if the hoods were new.

What Alliance Sanitary Solutions Offers

  • Fast, effective hood cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning from the inside and out
  • Kitchen hoods of any shape and size
  • Easy scheduling
  • Eco-friendly tools and equipment
  • Online booking for Kitchen Hood Cleaning

We stand out in our industry as one of the most experienced kitchen hood cleaners on the market. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we provide unprecedented service in terms of cleaning, customer support and convenient registration for all our clients. This is how we differ from the competition and the promise we make to all our clients.