Bring out the shine, sleek surfaces of your business.

Alliance Sanitary Solutions utilizes some highly-specialized equipment and cleaning techniques, like the hot water extraction method for tile and floor cleaning. Regular mops may leave your floor looking clean, but is it really? Tiles are very tough surfaces, but as with anything else in life, they’ll lose their shine after some time.

This doesn’t mean you need to replace your tiled walls and flooring every time they get a little dirty. Instead, our specialized tile cleaning services can help you out, by restoring the shine and gloss to your floors and walls.

Tiles are harder to clean than other surfaces. Unless you have specialized equipment and know the techniques for grout cleaning, you won’t get far on your own.

Older tiles which develop grout lose their gleam. You can see a big difference between clean and worn out tiles by just looking at them.

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Fresh-Looking Tiles Once Again

Don’t hire renovators just to get that same gleam your tiles had when they were new. Let Alliance Sanitary Solutions come in and take care of all your tile cleaning.

You can look through our portfolio of satisfied clients whose restaurants lit up after all the grout was cleaned up and the tiled surfaces were fresh once again.

What Alliance Sanitary Solutions Offers

  • Specialized grout cleaning technique
  • Utilizing the best equipment and tools
  • Gleam and color restoration
  • Easy scheduling
  • Eco-friendly tools and equipment
  • Online booking tile/floor cleaning

Our specialized tile cleaning services have brought back a lot of lost gleam to many of our clients. The cleaning experts at Alliance Sanitary Solutions can bring new life to your tiled walls and floors, making them look almost as good as new. This isn’t easy to accomplish, but it is very much possible when you have 35 years of experience.