A little extra comfort for your staff and clients.

A specialized bathroom disinfection service, which gets rid of all kinds of nasty germs.

Even the best restaurant, cafe or any other business can easily be marred with one visit to a dirty bathroom. This is what tells your customers just how much you respect your business. And if the bathroom is dirty, that’s not going to leave a good impression on them.

You can only get so far with conventional cleaning methods. Make it look clean and smell fresh, but all those bacteria and germs are still going to be there. You’ll need a much more thorough cleaning service for that.

Recent events have proven that any business can benefit from bathroom disinfection.

The methods and equipment we use to disinfect bathrooms are completely safe for people. We aspire to be as eco-friendly as possible.

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Bathroom Disinfection for Any Business

Alliance Sanitary Solutions has done lots of bathroom disinfection, keeping all those microscopic hazards from reaching you or your customers. Many of our clients, who are committed to keeping their bathrooms in absolutely clean conditions, have taken advantage of our bathroom disinfection services. To say that they were very happy with the results would be an understatement.

What Alliance Sanitary Solutions Offers

  • Deep bathroom cleaning
  • Thorough disinfection
  • Germ-free results
  • Complete disinfection
  • Easy scheduling
  • Eco-friendly tools and equipment

Keep your bathrooms free of germs with Alliance Sanitary Solutions. Our specialists know exactly how to leave a bathroom looking spotless, clean of germs and bacteria. With 35 years of experience in the industry, we’ve provided countless businesses with bathroom disinfection solutions. We offer our services to anyone looking to have a clean and pristine bathroom.