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A Clean Kitchen Never Stops Working

The Alliance Sanitary Solutions team has been operational for many years now. And since the first day we started, we’ve proudly offered our services to some of the hardest working restaurants, cafes and eateries out there.

We still remember what one of our first clients said about cleanliness: “Dirtying up the kitchen means you love your work. Leaving it dirty means you hate it.” And this is the ethos that we’ve worked by to this very day.

More than anyone else, we understand how important cleanliness is. It’s what keeps your restaurant operational. In order for your services to match your customers’ expectations, you need to have pristine working conditions.

But at the end of it all, we just let our portfolio do the talking for us. From kitchen hoods, to kitchen equipment and floor tiles, we’ve done it all and we’re proud to share our work with you.

Why Choose Us

  • In-depth Cleaning
  • Detail-Oriented Cleaning
  • Convenient Pricing Models
  • Variety of Services
  • Highly-trained Specialists
  • Best Equipment in the Industry


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Our Vision

We Provides First Class Services

We won’t let a dirty kitchen or dining room hold you back. This is done thanks to the expertise and knowledge we possess of high quality cleaning services. With each new client, we look to improve our services. So our mission is to help ourselves grow almost as much as we helped others.


We wish to see a cleaner, healthier local community and as far out as we can go.


is to keep your restaurant, eatery and any other business in top-notch shape

Work Quality 99.9%
Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

35 Years of Service Trusted by Over 3000 Clients

why choose us

What Sets Us Apart From Everyone Else?

  • Wide range of offers, with convenient pricing.
  • Quick response times for all services on offer.
  • Easy booking and scheduling online for all clients.
  • Knowledgeable specialists and experienced staff.
  • Fast, careful and highly efficient maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly products, tools and methodologies.
  • Detail-oriented work, leaving everything spotless.

We Are an ISO Certified Company